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replica-designer-beltsFake Deisgner Belts With the gradual formation of a good ecological officialdom, the officer is not easy to inevitably become a new norm, Replica Designer Belts an officer is to serve the people, for the people work, diligent, hard working, can not figure idle, and only take the money is Cheap Designer Belts, should take a minute too. Finally, large amounts of property from unidentified sources, the crime of accepting gifts to identify issues of corruption crimes. Corruption and bribery in criminal law practice, on the gray income has also been controversy exists. For example, Replica Designer Belt former deputy director of Hainan Provincial Public Security Road King Designer Belts bribery was sentenced to 10 years, because there are more than 3.57 million yuan, more than Designer Belts, more than Designer Belts can not explain the legitimate sources only been sentenced to four years such a ruling is clearly too light. There is a phenomenon that is often when corrupt officials sacked, various news called home Designer Belts Replica and found a huge amount of property or the amount of money involved, but the one on the court has shrunk dramatically, which is not normal, which may relate to the gray income problems. Although the law provides large amounts of property from unidentified sources, but because of the practical implementation of the existing legal provisions lack maneuverability, Designer Belt Cheap making damage to public confidence in the law, the people of this intense satisfaction. Singapore’s “Designer Belts” stipulates that civil servants can not explain the legitimate sources of his property, the income shall be deemed to corruption. This approach is worth learning from. Last year, when there are amendments to the Criminal, someone proposed the establishment of accepting gifts sin, but in the end may be concerned with human contacts confusion canceled. In essence, these have left a space gray income, if the property will be for an unknown source of corruption identified, the problem is much simpler. Then, in the background of gray income is strictly prohibited, such identification is probably much easier, replica designer belts for sale as it has been less a major obstacle.